On this day in 1969…



10 thoughts on “On this day in 1969…

    • Hi Raistlin ☺ Yes I’ve been able to scratch a post once in a while this year 😂 as for the rest, everything is going well, I am concentrating on my work so do not have enough mana to write. Currently watching Westworld 2. How are you? Are things getting better?

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      • Hey, great to hear from you again! Lol, that’s okay, the posts from you are always worth the wait. But I’m just glad to hear that things are going well for you.
        As for me? Yes I have returned for about two months now and am back at it again. So things are definitely better with me too. Westworld has been on my to watch list for quite a while too. I hope to get around to it at some point 😊

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      • I watched it last night. Wow what a great film. Loved all the old tech on show. That re-entry burn up effect was outstanding. Do Russians still call each other my their full name? I wondered if they were doing to for the period piece. It is very endearing. Noticed it lots over the years but haven’t seen many new Russian films.
        Thanks very so much for the letting me know about Spacewalker, it was fantastic. If you get to do a post on it, I can’t wait to read it. Spacewalker will fit in very nicely with First Man.

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      • Awesome 😊 Yes, full name can still be used, it depends on the relationship between 2 people. Totally there are 3 names = first name + father’s name + last name. So if a kid in a school wants to talk to a teacher, and her name is Olga Razumova, and her father’s name was Ivan Matroskin, then the kid will say – Olga Ivanovna! Her friends or close colleagues will call her just Olga or Olya (short from Olga), then if she goes to some government office ot hospital they will mostly use last name.

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